National Podcast Spotlights Coker Professors

    National Podcast Spotlights Coker Professors


    HARTSVILLE, SC (August 24, 2021) -- Coker University Professors Dr. Christi McLain and Dr. Jerron Jorgeson were recently featured as special guests on The Music (ed) Matters Podcast. 

    This episode was an hour-long discussion with host Dr. Emily Williams Burch from USC Aiken on their frequently-shared presentation Beating the Odds: Helping Students from Underserved Backgrounds Survive and Thrive as Collegiate Music Majors.

    McLain and Jorgensen share techniques for developing and implementing educational scaffolding techniques both in and out of the classroom to generate a culture of excellence and success inspired by Dr. McLain's time in NCAA Division I athletics.

    This episode is available on Apple PodcastsYouTube, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts!