Kalmia Gardens to make Boardwalk Improvements with Help from Duke Energy Foundation

    Kalmia Gardens to make Boardwalk Improvements with Help from Duke Energy Foundation


    Kalmia Gardens of Coker University recently received a generous grant from the Duke Energy Foundation for improvements to a section of its boardwalk, making it easier for visitors to enjoy the gardens.

    This project will replace and raise the boardwalk using pylons that will increase the longevity of the boardwalk by helping prevent damage from seasonal flooding events. This section of boardwalk that will be replaced is approximately 100 feet long and guides visitors past Kalmia’s Regenerative Stormwater Conveyance (RSC) system. 

    “This particular section of our boardwalk uses educational signs to inform visitors that what happens on land has a direct impact on the health of the creek,” says Dan Hill, Assistant Director of Kalmia Gardens. “It showcases how the Gardens, with the help of this grant from Duke Energy, are mitigating those negative impacts.”

    The Duke Energy Foundation recently awarded more than $350,000 in grants to South Carolina organizations that will fund environmental projects, wildlife conservation efforts and environmental educational programs across the state. As a result of increased usage during the pandemic, a large portion of the funding also went to 22 qualified nonprofit and government entities that received up to $10,000 for funding of projects such as trail upkeep and maintenance; park beautification; and safety enhancements. The Foundation funds more than $2 million annually to nonprofit organizations in South Carolina. 

    For more information, please contact Dan Hill, Assistant Director, Kalmia Gardens of Coker University, at 843.383.8145 or dhill@coker.edu

    About Kalmia Gardens of Coker University

    Established in 1933, Kalmia Gardens includes a historic house and a 35-acre public garden. The Thomas E. Hart House, built in 1820 with timber cut from the property, and surrounding gardens are on the National Register of Historic Places. The site boasts a wide array of flora, including the Gardens’ namesake—Kalmia latifolia, Mountain Laurel. Kalmia Gardens is the gateway to the 796-acre Segars-McKinnon Heritage Preserve.

    Kalmia Gardens of Coker University is located at 1624 West Carolina Avenue in Hartsville. For more information about Kalmia Gardens, please call 843-383-8145, visit kalmiagardens.org, or email kalmia@coker.edu.