How Coker's Interdisciplinary Studies program impacts students

    How Coker's Interdisciplinary Studies program impacts students


    Coker University has a wide range of majors and minors to choose from. For many students like recent alumna Kennedi Price, there is a way to explore and combine majors with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies.

    “Interdisciplinary studies allows students to explore multiple pathways and combine multiple disciplines in order to find the right fit for their continued careers,” said Price.

    Price majored in interdisciplinary studies with a combination of computer science and graphic design and minored in entrepreneurship and innovation. Exploring these different pathways has given her new challenges and opportunities.

    I want to be able to explore multiple creative roles in the tech industry,” said Price.

    Throughout her time at Coker, she had the opportunity to learn from many internships. Her current internship is with Robinson Ventures LLC in Hartsville, South Carolina. Throughout this UX designer- Venture fellow internship, she has learned and obtained many skills, including portfolio management of existing investments, companies, projects, and programs. This includes financial reviews, marketplace analysis, vetting of exit strategies, and environmental analyses.

    “My internships have helped me navigate what positions I see myself in and what I do and don’t like. To be able to choose the right roles for me,” Price said. 

    Price plans on attending graduate school and pursuing her Master in Business Administration, also known as MBA. It is unknown where she will go now, but she is interested in Carnegie Mellon University and New York University. 

    “These schools not only have the top MBA programs in the country, but they also have innovative and creative environments.”

    Students who explore the opportunities that Interdisciplinary Studies offers at Coker can mix their passions and interests and turn them into a field of study. Interdisciplinary studies help students see how things connect, bring them together, and work across disciplines. 

    “My advice for the next interdisciplinary studies students is not to be afraid to dream big. Don’t limit yourself to what you can see. Open yourself up to new challenges and opportunities because the outcomes are worth it,” Price said.