Coker University Board of Trustees approves tuition freeze for another year

    Coker University Board of Trustees approves tuition freeze for another year


    For the fourth year, Coker Trustees voted to keep tuition at the same rate for 2023-2024.

    The Coker University Board of Trustees met in October for its annual fall meeting. Among other topics around the University, tuition discussions for the next academic year was a priority for the Trustees.

    Board of Trustees Chairman Justin Towey said, “I’m proud of the unanimous decision to keep tuition at the same amount for the fourth consecutive year! The Board of Trustees, many of whom are alumni, are committed to supporting current Cobras and hope to encourage thoughtful, curious students and impactful leaders.” 

    As we exit the pandemic years and look to the future, college costs have become a hot topic for students, parents, and administration. Coker administration has positioned the University to remain steady while other institutions have continued to raise their tuition. President Dr. Natalie Harder shares, “the cost of education should reflect the valuable experience students receive during their four years. While peer institutions will raise tuition by around 3% each year, I'm grateful that our Board of Trustees recognizes the importance of keeping the Coker experience affordable for our students.”

    Chairman Towey adds, “The Board of Trustees is privileged to hear from current students about how the Coker experience is transforming their lives and wishes to keep access to a Coker education affordable.” 

    Costs for tuition, room and board, and additional expenses can be found on Coker University’s website

    Founded in 1908, Coker is a bachelor’s and master’s degree-granting institution and competes in 21 NCAA Division II sports.
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