Coker College Enactus Team Members Receive National Recognition

    Coker College Enactus Team Members Receive National Recognition


    As Coker College Enactus prepares for the upcoming national competition May 5-8, 2019, in Kansas City, three team members have been recognized at the national level for their efforts and achievements: Parker Oldham, ‘21, has been selected to serve on the Enactus United States Student Advisory Committee, and Destany Gause, ‘19, and Evan Bachman, ‘20, are finalists for Enactus United States Leaders of the Year for membership leader of the year and project leader of the year, respectively.

     The Enactus Student Advisory Committee (SAC) is a committee of active Enactus USA students that serve as the link between student/ team constituents and Enactus USA. As a student advocacy body, SAC advises Enactus staff on matters regarding programming, policy, and procedures. As a programming body, SAC provides various ways for students to get involved in the Enactus community and explore scholarship, leadership, and service beyond their Enactus team. SAC also assists Enactus USA Program staff with prospective student recruitment, as well as alumni relations. Coker College senior Gabriel Castro, ‘19, is currently finishing up his term on the Enactus Student Advisory Committee as he is scheduled to graduate May 11.

    “Being a member of Coker Enactus for the last year has given me the opportunity to not only challenge myself but make me a better leader and teach me valuable professional skills that I can translate to the workforce in the future,” says Oldham. “Being selected to the Enactus USA Student Advisory Committee will now give me a unique opportunity to not only showcase the skills I have learned and improved upon, but more importantly to be a voice for over 10,000 Enactus students on campuses throughout the United States.”

    Gause and Bachman are two of 15 finalists selected from approximately 12,000 Enactus student members nationwide. Gause previously served as project leader for the Summer Business Academy, a unique opportunity for high school juniors or seniors to earn three college credits while living on Coker’s campus for one week in the summer. Bachman is the project leader for Myanmar Empowerment, a program designed to help empower Dala, Myanmar, residents through a skills center that provides them with the tools needed to become entrepreneurs. The Enactus United States Leaders of the Year program is designed to motivate and reward excellence in leadership, and share best practices by example.

    Enactus is an international organization that connects student, academic and business leaders through entrepreneurial-based projects that empower people to transform opportunities into real, sustainable progress for themselves and their communities. Guided by academic advisors and business experts, the student leaders of Enactus create and implement community empowerment projects around the globe.

    Coker Enactus was named third in the nation at the 2018 Enactus United States National Exposition in Kansas City, Missouri, and will compete again at this year’s National Exposition May 5-8, 2019. Out of 440 Enactus teams, the top 100 go on to compete at the National Exposition and the final four teams present in front of more than 1,000 people. Coker Enactus has 46 student members and its presentation team members are Evan Bachman, Jenny Ruetten, Mary Kooper, Hannah Baird, Brandon Mullins, and Gabe Castro.

    For more information, please contact Andrew Taske, Director of Coker College Enactus, at or 843-857-4125.