Celebrate Coker's Traditions, Transformation

    Celebrate Coker's Traditions, Transformation


    HARTSVILLE, SC (October 5, 2021) --

    For more than a century, Coker University has celebrated its traditions as it grows and adapts to meet the needs of new generations of Coker alumni. The Coker family is 10,000 strong. We share the common bonds of a Coker education and Coker pride.

    Coker's traditions and transformations are never more clear than during Homecoming. After a challenging two years, Coker University looks forward to welcoming you and all our students, employees, alumni and friends to Hartsville October 8-10. 

    Coker's full Homecoming 2021 schedule can be found here -- https://www.coker.edu/resources/alumni/events/homecoming/?bbeml=tp-kIPkm-0qrECBLjy-3qTsKg.jodMP2JTKNUu7OTKs6573oQ.rSlTvTVar8ECnC63sQmlndA.ldmF32rs3TESD4PTV4cZKqw