Presidential Perspectives:  The D.C. Experience

From the desk of Coker College President Robert Wyatt

Last week, as I traveled to Washington, D.C. with 250 first-year students, I appreciated more than ever the generous support that our extended Coker community provides the college and our students. I got to observe first-hand their excitement and curiosity over learning about our nation’s capital, our government at work, the significance of our history, the sacrifice of our soldiers, the evolution of our industrialization, the end product of some of our greatest research, the plight of many of our country’s homeless, and so much more.

The D.C. Experience allowed our students to satisfy their study away requirement, to bond as a class, to be exposed to things that they have never experienced and, for some, to travel outside of South Carolina for the first time in their lives. Organized through our Coker College 101 classes, the D.C. Experience was different for each class, as they all chose different “tracts” to study in Washington. Our CC 101 instructors did a terrific job planning and executing these different areas of study. The students covered much ground in three short days (which included travel time on buses), but we did manage a little down time at a Washington Nationals baseball game, made possible by the generosity of our Board of Trustees. We even had alumni from the Washington area join us for the game.

We were all exhausted when we returned to campus, but it was an exhilarating exhaustion. Coker College definitely took Washington by storm, and our students made memories for a lifetime. More than 95% of our students require some sort of financial assistance to attend college, and this life-changing experience for them would not have been possible without all of you. As I met with the editor of Inside Higher Ed in Washington, and told him about the Coker D.C. Experience and all of the other positive developments at the college, I was again reminded of your loyalty and generosity.  

Thank you for all you do for all of us at Coker!

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