Making a Difference

Meet Zane Vanhook

Zane Vanhook wants to work for a Fortune 500 company one day. Now a junior at Coker College, he is majoring in business administration and working toward his goal.

He first came to Coker as a baseball player from a small town in South Carolina. Zane had always wanted to play for a small school, and when he first saw the Coker campus, he instantly knew that this was a place where he could surround himself with great people. In 2014, he signed as a student athlete and joined the Coker community with a major in physical education.

“The scholarship makes me feel like I’m important to Coker.”

Before long, Zane realized that his ambitions were pointing him in another direction. He decided to get more involved in the Coker community, and with support from P.E. Professor Suzanne Parker, switched his major so he could follow his passion. While he no longer plays baseball for the Cobras, Zane has decided to put his knowledge of the sport to good use in a different way: Last year, he coached the Hartsville Middle School baseball team, leading them to a state championship.

“Be open-minded and accepting of change and growth,” he tells his fellow students. “Make your connections and take the opportunities given to you.”

Off the field, Zane is also a commissioner and a resident assistant, as well as chief financial officer for the Student Government Association. He is on the Enactus Executive Council, and is an active student in the business administration program. He credits Professor Joseph Stevano with having a tremendous influence on his life, supporting him as he makes connections and builds his network.

This year, Zane was awarded the Louis and Lillian Dillard Stephens ’50 Endowed Scholarship. “The scholarship makes me feel like I’m important to Coker,” he says.

And he is.

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