Q&A with Student Org Circle of Sisterhood

“In this group, we want to form a sisterhood with other females, showing them that there is a place for everyone on campus despite differences."

By Camryn Quick, '21

The Circle of Sisterhood is a new campus organization that was started by students Quay’andria Johnson, ‘21, and Allissa Young, ‘22, in the spring 2020 semester. Allissa Young was kind enough to answer some questions to highlight the organization. 

Circle of SisterhoodQ: Tell me a little bit about the organization. What is the mission? What are the goals? What sort of things do you do as a group?

A: The mission of the Circle of Sisterhood is to create a safe space on campus for all women with a focus on women of color where students can be supported, and embrace their authentic self. In this group, we want to form a sisterhood with other females, showing them that there is a place for everyone on campus despite differences. As a group we will be teaching female etiquette, holding empowering events, as well as doing a lot of bonding activities.

Q: How did you come about starting the organization? What inspired you to start it?

A: This organization started because our founders realized that there was a need for something like this on campus. There was not anything there for minority groups and especially women. This was our way of creating something for them.

Q: How did you name it? How do you recruit people for it?

A: Naming this organization was a group effort. We choose COS because a circle unifies us all and a “sisterhood” lasts forever. We are all about unity, empowerment, and success (our motto). We made a sign up sheet to recruit members.

Q: Why do you believe the club is important for the Coker community?

A: Coker’s campus needs a safe space for females of color (all included). This is a safe haven where we can share our struggles and fears, overcoming obstacles together and growing as young adults, while creating life-long bonds and connections.

Q: What do you wish to accomplish together?

A: We want to continue to grow the group and leave our mark on campus so that this club can exist for years to come.

Q: How would one go about joining if interested? What are you looking for in your members?

A: If they are interested in joining, they can email Quay’andria Johnson or Allissa Young. All our members consist of females and all women of color. We look for people who are willing to break through barriers, overcome obstacles, and actually be a part of a sisterhood.

Founding members of The Circle of Sisterhood are Olivia Jordan, Shania Crosby, Kiisha Hilliard '20, Allissa Young, Quay'andria Johnson, Anaya Hawkins, and J'nadjah Williams. Advisors for The Circle of Sisterhood are Darlene Small, Toyinda Smith, and Miesha Shavers-Thomas.


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