Take 10 with Chauntress Like ('21)

A Q&A with Coker College photography major, business minor, Chauntress Like ('21)

1. Birthplace? Columbus, Ohio.
2. Hobbies? Writing Poetry, Singing.
3. Biggest fear? Being seen as useless or rather not seen at all.
4. Favorite food? Peanut Butter.
5. Describe yourself in one word. Real.
6. Favorite thing about Hartsville? The incredible people making up the small community. 
7. Biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome? Being able to speak up for myself.
8. Best way to spend a free hour? Taking or editing pictures and eating or sleeping.
9. Pet peeve? Harsh judgment on those who are trying…
10. One thing people would be surprised to know about you? I honestly don’t know. I’m an open book and very approachable so maybe that’s what people don’t know. 

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