Fact or Fiction? The Truth About Summer Classes

"Before you write off summer courses completely, take a moment to consider the facts and become informed about the myths..."

In the back of our minds, we all know that taking college classes during the summertime is an option—but it’s one that we don’t necessarily take seriously. Traditionally, the path to graduation sounds simple: you take 15 credits each fall and spring semester, and four years later you pick up your diploma. So who needs summer classes?

The truth is, there are a lot of great reasons to stick around campus (either in-person or digitally) from May through August. Before you write off summer courses completely, take a moment to consider the facts and become informed about the myths surrounding these summertime offerings at Coker College.

So let’s play a game. Are the statements below fact...or fiction?

Statement #1: Summer classes are not as good as classes offered in fall or spring.

This is fiction. Coker College’s summer courses are taught by the same instructors you’ll meet in your fall and spring semester classes—many of them full-time faculty. They cover the same material as summer/spring classes in the same subject, and although the time frame is compressed, you will earn the same amount of credits toward your degree.

Statement #2: You need to live near campus during the summer to take summer classes.

This is fiction. Coker offers a wide selection of online classes over the summer, so you can study from anywhere with an internet connection. These online classes use Blackboard, the same learning management system that most of your in-seat or hybrid classes use for sharing syllabi, collecting assignments, or hosting discussion forums.

On-campus summer housing is also available for students taking a minimum of three credits during May Interim and Summer Term. Housing is available at a rate of $175/week, with special housing accommodations available. Housing requests should be submitted by May 1, 2019.

Statement #3: Summer classes can help you graduate on time.

This is true! There are plenty of reasons to take summer classes, whether you want to get a prerequisite out of the way or give your GPA a boost by retaking a class. But one of the best things about summer classes is their ability to get students back on track and graduating in four years. If you find yourself a few hours shy of that 30-credit-hour-per-year target, summer can be the perfect time to catch up and give yourself a fresh start in the new academic year.

Statement #4: If you’ve stayed on track with your academic plan, summer classes aren’t for you.

This is fiction. While you certainly aren’t required to take summer courses, they are still available to you as an option. Many students choose to tack on the occasional summer course so they can get ahead and feel less pressure during the rest of the academic year. Some are even able to graduate early!

Summer classes are also a good option for students with ambitious academic goals like a double major or added minor, or those who need to maintain a certain number of credit hours to fulfill athletic or scholarship requirements.

Statement #5: You can’t use financial aid for summer classes.

This is often fiction. Financial aid availability varies depending on your individual situation. In many cases, financial aid can be applied to summer courses. If you would like to inquire about your eligibility, simply contact the Student Solution Center.

It’s also good to keep in mind that summer classes at Coker are offered at a heavily discounted rate compared to fall/spring courses, ranging from $222-$375 per credit hour. That can be a great investment!

Questions about summer classes? Visit www.coker.edu/summer or contact your student success coach!


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