MSML or MBA? Which is Right for Me?

If your goal is to advance into a leadership position, you’ve likely explored several different graduate programs. Professionals interested in business and management often go straight to the Master of Business Administration (MBA), but many are starting to notice that there’s a new degree on the scene: the Master of Science in Management and Leadership. So what’s the difference? And which one is more valuable?


The answers largely depend on your specific career goals. Here are a few of the key differences:


M.S. in Management & Leadership

  • Provides core business management and leadership skills
  • Strong focus on team building and human capital
  • Ample opportunity for collaboration and group work
  • Emphasis on strategy development and decision making
  • Graduates growing in recognition as  innovators equipped to bring positive change
  • Can be completed in 15 months, and is often more affordable


  • Broad content across all major business functions
  • Deeper focus in economics, accounting, and finance
  • May require more math and writing
  • One of the oldest and most recognized degrees in the world
  • Often requires a two-year commitment
  • May be a more expensive degree program

The good news is, both degrees will provide tangible skills that can be applied in many different industries. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s a toss up. When choosing a degree program, it’s always a good idea to consider return on investment. At Coker College, we encourage prospective graduate students to get as familiar as possible with their program options before enrollment.  Here are five key areas to consider:

  1. Course descriptions — read through the courses and discover content and outcomes to expect
  2. Professors — look up bios, course reviews, or even request to meet with one or two
  3. Cost — an affordable program will help you minimize debt and enjoy faster ROI
  4. Flexibility — online programs can be smart for professionals who wish to continue working
  5. Career goals — speak with a career counselor at the college about your experience and objectives to ensure program alignment

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