How to Deal with Finals Stress

By Camryn Quick, ‘21, Coker College Digital Campus Ambassador

It’s that time of year when we are pulling all-nighters in the library, begging that one professor for extra credit, and driving ourselves crazy studying for our finals. It’s easy to feel stressed out around this time of year. I know it’s hard to think about anything else until finals are over, but we need to make sure we are taking care of ourselves and managing our time in a healthy way.

The first thing we need to be mindful of is pulling those all-nighters. I know how it feels to have assignments due at the same time and I have that same voice in the back of my head telling me my work is not good enough. However, we need to learn to start our assignments earlier and get enough sleep. Our brains cannot function right without the proper amount of rest, and it’s generally not good for your body to stay up for too many hours. I propose that we start our papers as early as possible and manage our time, so we can avoid those pesky all-nighters. Our brains will thank us for it!

We also need to make sure that we take care of our bodies. It’s easy to get carried away with an assignment or studying and forget to eat dinner. I know people who have even forgotten to shower because they were so focused on getting work done! This goes back to time management, as well. We have to pay attention to the time and ask ourselves, “How long should I work on this?” When we learn to control our time, we are able to get our assignments done, and we don’t hurt our bodies in the process.

Perhaps the most important thing to avoid is letting the stress eat you alive. It is extremely unhealthy to let yourself be anxious for so long without any relief. To avoid letting finals stress control your life, step away from the computer, go get a coffee, or grab lunch with your friends. Do anything to take your mind off of everything you have due. Make time to do things that you enjoy. Spend time with people who make you laugh. I know doing well on your finals is super important, but it should not cost you your mental health.

With that being said, finals is upon us. If you can make it through finals without feeling anxious, you are lucky! For the rest of us who are already feeling the stress, do not forget to take care of yourself. Your body and your mental health are important and deserve the proper care. Please remember to pay attention to your needs during this busy time! Do well, but more importantly, be happy!


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